Knowledge is key to making an informed decision about your care. An informed patient is an empowered patient that can make decisions based on facts rather than fear and anxiety. My educational services provide you with a personalized information ally to support you at every stage of your journey. Beneficial services include:

  • Diagnosis 411: understand your cancer, stage of disease, and treatment options as per clinical guidelines

  • Physician identification and profiling: What do you know about your physician?

  • Clinical trial research and navigation: What experimental options are available to you? How do you qualify/enroll in a clinical trial?

  • Medical translation: diagnostic reports, upcoming procedures, office notes, treatments prescribed, literature, etc.

  • Disseminating critical care information as per NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines: Are you receiving gold standard care with respect to your diagnosis?

  • Medical record management: acquisition and maintenance of a comprehensive medical record history

  • Understanding palliative care: Providing insight on adoption of palliative care support services as needed

  • Literary research: extensive review of medically credible information in the public domain



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