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There is a big piece missing in this journey through cancer. A gap between patients and doctors. A gap between information and understanding. A tremendous gap between a diagnosis and empathy and support. An immense gap between everything a patient needs to make an informed and empowered decision about their care and the actual patient. 

Let me be your bridge builder and get clarity NOW.



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Knowledge is key to making an informed decision about your care. An informed patient is an empowered patient that can make decisions based on facts rather than fear and anxiety.

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Poor communication and lack of patient involvement have been shown to decrease patient - doctor relationships and may lead to less desirable health outcomes.

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Cancer is a complex diagnosis that typically requires numerous appointments, tests, procedures, and treatments provided by a wide - range of doctors over extended periods of time. 

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A cancer diagnosis should never be weathered alone. Emotional support is important for most cancer patients during their illness and can be gained from different people and services.


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