Poor communication and lack of patient involvement have been shown to decrease patient-doctor relationships and may lead to less desirable health outcomes. Unfortunately, there aren’t any courses in being a professional patient. Patients need to be prepared. My advocacy services promote more assertive patients who are able to participate in shared-decision making and be more proactive about their health. Let me be the liaison between you and your doctor or medical care team. Beneficial advocacy services include:

  • Appointment preparation:

    • Preparing focused questions and speaking points to be discussed during an appointment

    • Ensuring client has an understanding of diagnosis and existing treatment options

    • Emphasizing personal preferences and family/life circumstances that may impact treatment and compliance

  • Accompaniment of client to appointments/hospital visits

  • Gap analysis of client’s medical history: (encompassing timeframe designated by client) meticulous review of records for comprehensiveness and cohesion

  • Exploring cost-effective approaches to health care

  • Informing client of hospital protocols and patient rights

  • Researching providers/institutions, as needed, for second, third opinions

  • Assisting client with transition to end-of-life care



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